About Me

Communication as Service

Service and communication have defined my entire life. As an Army brat, I was raised all over the world; I learned to serve the greater good through sacrifice.

When I chose to pursue journalism as a career choice, I believed strongly in serving my community-at-large by communicating information and fostering understanding.

I didn't hesitate to marry my high school sweetheart after he told me he wanted a career in the military.

My degree in Ad/PR helped prepare me for leading communication efforts between the military and families as I served in several volunteer positions for two decades. Whether it was creating newsletters, holding informational meetings, or handling crisis situations, I learned how to speak to people from all walks of life. They had one big thing in common: their community.

Homecoming photo

Communication as Profession

My belief in service quickly becomes evident when working with my freelance clients, too. I've heard more than once that they appreciate my loyalty, hard work, and my get-it-done attitude.

Audiences are a community, waiting to be educated about your brand, looking for someone they believe will serve them well.

I can't wait to be a part of your community and serve your audience well!